How important blog in link building?

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What is a blog?

A blog is like a diary in the internet where you could post all your thoughts about almost everything. It might be the one happen to you today or last week while in vacation that you want to share your experience and personal thoughts about a subject.

Again another incident I've encountered while browsing a popular webmaster forums about people buying/selling blog links. That made me think on how important blogs in link building. Well the first thing that slips to my mind was, blog links are one-way link just like having links in a directory.

Why spend a much higher price for your link to be posted on a blog? Is there a difference between spending your money on a blog and on a paid directory? Definitely you will all agree that yes because some of the directory are link farm and they don't give much weight for your site especially if its on a general directory?

But the real reason for this was, Blogs is being crawled by Search Engine more often and somewhat give a significant weight on your rankings especially if its relevant to the niche of your site. So it's just like having a link on a niche site similar to yours with ease. And also blogs format have Search Engine friendly pages that makes the possibility of your pages to be indexed fast. I would like to give you a sample of a blog to see how fast google indexed the pages in a blog.

After realizing all of this issues about blog I've certainly want to agree that it's worth it to spend their money with blogs.


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