How to have a successful Blog launch

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Just this morning I saw a post on digg about 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch. I found that this article has lot of good pointers to have a successful blogs. I will just make a summary on what I've really like on this article by aviva directory .

1. Never ever launch a blog if you have only few post on it. The reason for this is some readers wont find your blog interesting or they will find youre not serious with your blog. Unless your Matt Cutts or any other known people in a specific industry.

2. RSS feeds is a must. If you're running a blog, One of the most important part of your blog is the RSS feeds. RSS feeds are one of ways to spread and make your blog popular. Some people just dont know about your new blog so the way to reach your readers is through RSS feeds submitted to known RSS readers. You must implement a code in your blog a RSS subscribe on these popular newsreader like Bloglines, MyYahoo!, Google Reader, and MyMSN.

3. Social Bookmarking. Another way to get your blog available and convenient for your readers is adding your site to and Digg. Personally I've had lot of success on Digg and to have more readers on my blog.

4. Get as many blog partner as you can (a.k.a. Blogging exchange). This is one of the way to reach your readers. This is like a refferal program. Just like an exchange link. Blogging on someones blog might help you get notice by readers. Just make sure you are doing these on same niche. Otherwise this is useless. Because you have to target the viewer of your partner's blog.

5. Link Building. You have to do some basic SEO on your blog.

These are some of the basic SEO that you must do.

a. Submit to directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo, Aviva and other good directories.

b. Add a signature in every forum you're participating.

c. If you have a myspace or any other social networking sites account. Add it to your profile. It will give you an exposure to future readers of your site.

At the end of the article just saw a really good tips in starting a blog. Even if you dont have a reader in your blog dont worry about it. Someone will find you sooner or later. Just keep on blogging and do a good promotional strategy on your blog and you'll be fine.

Goodluck to your blog if you're planning to launch one.


Webmaster/SEO Glossary

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While reading some SEO articles I've found out about this very informative SEO Glossary by Aaron Wall . Aaron Wall is the author of and well respected in many SEO forums because of his search engine tips and observation.

To tell you honestly I've heard of his book and his name long time ago while studying SEO and just before writing this blog, its my first time to read an article from his Just came across to his site from a post on a Webmaster forum.

Also I came across on another Aaron's SEO related website and I found out some interesting issue posted there.

There is a question there that sticks that caught my attention. "Why are You Hating on Directories Aaron?"
Here is one of his views on some of the directory owners

"The problem has come from the fact that there has been an explosion in the number of directories and most of the directory owners are too greedy or lazy to create legitimate business models. If you don't make the site compelling for search algorithms most likely they will aim to find ways to deweight it."

I really like his point of view on directory exploitation. Some of the directories are made for earnings only without considering the quality of the site will be accepted. But you cannot blame it all to the directory owners because some new directories needs some listings and traffic. So if you are the directory owners and you've rejected almost all the links submitted to you because they are MFA sites/low quality sites. Your directory will be put into sandbox by some SEO/Webmaster because you didnt accept their sites. The point here is directory problems cannot be blame to the directory owners only. Because its a two way process to have a succesful directory. Its hard for new directory owners to impose a strict policy on their directory or directory submitter wont submit to your site. Just my 2 cents though.