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I was very busy last week that I can't manage to add content on these SEO blog because I have to create a 50 pages of SEO manual that will be use for our company.
Just want to share you guys on what I have written there.

Just recently I have to create a manual for our company about SEO so that our future SEO specialist will just have to read the manual and learn from what I've written there. Here is the part of that manual that I've written for our SEO manual.
It is just the overview on what you will do if you will become an SEO.

What are the roles of an SEO?

As an SEO and Online Marketing Associate you will be responsible for improving and executing our SEO strategies to accomplish higher search engine rankings and increase website traffic without jeopardizing our network’s credibility (i.e. make sure you do not employ black hat strategies or any strategy that can get us penalized or banned by the major search engines). Your tasks and responsibilities are the following:

Weblog Analysis – Our websites generate logs that have to be carefully analyzed to see how our websites are performing. Every month we create reports for all our websites and distribute those reports within our organization. You will be co-responsible for creating and analyzing these reports.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Analysis - We carefully track the search engine rankings of all our websites. Every month a report is created on how each website ranks for its major keywords. You will be co-responsible for creating and analyzing these reports.

Link & Marketing Campaigns - To further increase our search engine rankings, we constantly look for related or complementary high quality websites that we can either exchange links with or buy links from. You will assist in running these campaigns by finding potential partners and managing our negotiations with them. The campaign also includes implementing other strategies that will increase our rankings in SERPs.

Online Marketing of Partner Programs
- Our websites also feature multiple Partner Programs that enable other companies or websites to collaborate with us. These are not directly SEO-related but help increase the general popularity and profitability of our websites. You will assist in finding potential partners and managing our negotiations with them.

SEO Research - The world of SEO is fast moving and we need to make sure that we are up-to-date with the latest SEO Developments. Your task will be to research well-known SEO resources on a regular basis and update our SEO Knowledge Base.

On-Page Optimization – As an SEO you are required to check if the pages of the sites are SE friendly.

SEO Techniques

As an SEO we employ different techniques/strategies to make our rankings higher in SERPs. These strategies are composed of three (3) major parts namely Link Building, On-Page Analysis, and Adding Content to our Knowledge Base.

Link Building is the most important part of our SEO strategy because Search Engine gives votes to sites with relevant sites linking to our sites. So your role is to acquire as many relevant/quality links as possible to link into our site. Link Building Strategy is explained in detailed in the next chapter.

On-Page analysis is part of your job as an SEO to make sure our site’s WebPages are all Search Engine friendly. This includes researching for keywords to be added n our site. Adding Content to our Knowledge Base is also part of your job. You’re the one responsible to add any information you’ve gathered while doing your job.


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