PR update September 29, 2006

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Everybody's excited about the PR update. Only few are still hoping that the PR update isn't over because they're not seeing any good update on their site. But as of me I have manage to retain and some increases in PR.

One of the site where I've gathered my inspiration showing PR8 here: It's I really love the community and Digitalpoint because I've learned lot from the members there and at the same time I enjoyed spending my time reading wacky/funny post of other members. While managed to increase it's PR up to PR9. Also chris www.alivedirectory now showing PR7. Chris is very famous there in Digitalpoint because he exert lot of effort to his directory. Sitepoint forums also got PR0 from PR7. I love sitepoint before but after imposing lot of fees on their thread I've quit posting and visiting the site. and remain to be PR9.

Although the PR update isn't over yet lets just keep our fingers cross that everything will be fine in terms of PR. Goodluck to all.


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