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If you're planning to have a directory here's a review of an SEO friendly directory script that you can use. The script name is Site Sift Listings. It is a neat directory script that you can use if you’re planning to own a directory that you can be easily manage then this script is a must try. I have seen few directories that earns lot of paid links because of the directories pretty neat script and for being SEO friendly directory. You can download the script here But in order to download the script you must sign up their registration form. And wait for the confirmation link on where you can download the free script. But you can also choose to buy their un-copyrighted script for just $59.95. What’s the difference with free and paid version of the script? The difference is you won’t have to link back to Site Sift Listings while the paid script doesn’t have a link from Site Sift Listings website. But there are some comments I would like to improve on the script. I’ll have to list them so that if ever the owner of the site have read my blog post he will try to improve his script.

1. Suggest Category isn’t available in the script. I think this one should be included in the script.

2. On the admin panel there must be a partition of the link submitted. The problem of this is when you approve listings the page will be refreshed. Imagine if you have 3k pending links it will reload each and every time you add/edit/delete listings.

3. I also want to suggest if the link could be sorted out such as date submitted and alphabetically (URL, Title)

4. Also if the payment option can be available through 2checkout or money bookers. As of the moment the site is just using Paypal payment method.

If I missed something or would like to comment about the script feel free to comment on this post.


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