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What is How it works? Whats with that made it so cool and popular ?

If you're one of these individual who are still asking these type of questions, it's youre lucky day today because today I will give you the general answers to your questions. is been around for quite a while now and few millions of members as of now and multiplying everyday.

What is is a social bookmarking service. It's like a myspace where you could share your profile to your friends. But in you are sharing bookmarks.

So whats so cool with sharing bookmarks?

Since there are millions of people using your bookmarks might be added to some of these million people. So if you have a favorite site and want to share it to millions of people you will have a free exposure.

I'm a blogger what benefit would I get

So if you're a blogger its easy for you to store tons of links from your favorite website where you can gather information. A good blogger usually reads lot of articles from a website so that they can really spread the information accurately.

Is useful to SEO?

Yes, again since there are millions of people using you can promote also your website there by storing it to your bookmarks in Then ask your friend to add it to their list and hopefully your website might be added by the friend's friend. And who knows your site might be added to millions of people in

Also are taggable. Meaning you can add taggs to your favorite website. For example if you're adding in your, you can add a tag to it like "SEO, SEO Tips and SEO tools". Its easy for you to sort your bookmarks especially if you have thousands of bookmarks in your account.

As an internet user what's so cool with

If you're using dual Operating System (OS) such as windows/linux OS in your desktop PC. You will just have to access your account and you can retrieve your bookmarks. It means you have a central bookmarks in the internet where you could store your bookmarks.

Also if you're using a pc somewhere i.e. you're on a vacation. You could easily access your bookmarks by just loggin in to your account in Pretty cool huh?!

Is it accessible through RSS readers?

Yes, is accessible in your favorite RSS readers so that you can easily access your bookmarks through RSS readers like Mozilla Thunderbird and FeedReader.

Just before posting these blog about I've discovered that there are two people have added everydayseo blog to their bookmarks. The lucky guy is and the other one was me ofcourse

You could add also my blog to your account by clicking

Hopefully I've answer your newbie question already. If I've missed one I'll appreciate if you could leave a comments here.


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